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FrSky TW Twin SR12 Dual 2.4G Receiver + ADV Stabilizer (12 ch)


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FrSky TW Twin SR12 Dual 2.4G Receiver ADV High precision (12 ch)

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Weight (gr):22.5gr
Channels PWM12 channel

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FrSky TW Twin SR12 Dual 2.4G Receiver ADV High precision (12 ch)

TWIN series receiver features a new stable TW protocol that benefits from simultaneously integrating dual active 2.4G frequency bands. The TW active-active protocol is different from the general active-standby redundancy solutions, with the TW protocol, dual 2.4G frequency bands are active on the TW series receiver at the same time. This receiver is equipped with 3×2.4G antennas and designed for RC users who want to benefit from resilience and long-range in their radio communications.


The configurable channel ports on TW R12 & TW SR12 receivers are a big feature, each channel port can be assigned as PWM, SBUS, FBUS, or S.Port. By setting the port to use FBUS protocol in the ETHOS system, the signal control and telemetry can be connected to any device (XACT servos, ADV Sensors, etc.) that supports FBUS protocol through only one line to achieve bidirectional transmission, also simplifying the model build using fewer wires.

TW R12 & TW SR12 provides a socket that can be used to connect the switch panel to enable the built-in Power Switch function, and both receivers use a set of standard XT30 plugs which also provides a safe and efficient way to provide power. By utilizing together with current overload wires on the channel ports, the connected device can be safeguarded.

ADV Stabilizer

The TW SR12 offers an ADV Stabilizer function which is an upgrade over the original classical gyroscope stabilization modes. The ADV Stabilizer offers an advanced mode that provides more programmable stabilized channels and flexibility. The classical stabilization mode has been enhanced with 5 additional stabilization channels, providing pin mapping to each channel in the multiple flight modes like Stabilization, Auto-Level, Hover, and Knife-Edge with an airplane model. In the advanced stabilization mode, all the output pins are configurable for stabilization and additional advanced features such as Stab file sharing, programmable parameters, developer access, etc.


  • Simultaneous Working Dual 2.4G TW Mode
  • Built-in Advanced Stabilization Functions
  • Built-in High-Precision Telemetry Sensor (Altitude, Vertical Speed, etc.)
  • Basic Black-Box Data Record Function
  • Built-in Power Switch Function | Match with Different External Switches (Optional)
  • Long Control Range (Range varies based on the RF Power settings.)
  • 12 Configurable Channel Ports
    – CP1: PWM / SBUS Out / FBUS / S.Port / SBUS In
    – CP2-12: PWM / SBUS Out / FBUS / S.Port
  • FBUS / S.Port
  • SBUS Out Port (Supports 16CH / 24CH mode)
  • SBUS In Port (Supports Signal Redundancy)
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) FW Update

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency: Dual 2.4GHz
  • Dimension: 48.5*33*17.9mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 22.5g
  • Operating Voltage: 3.5-10V (Recommend 2S Li Batteries)
  • Operating Current: ≤130mA
  • Continuous Current: ≤20A (power the device) | Instaneous Current: ≤40A (power the device)
  • Voltage Measurement Range via AIN (External device): 0-35V (Battery Voltage Divider Ratio: 1:10)
  • Compatibility: Twin series radio & TW protocol capable RF module
  • Dual XT30 Power Input Connector
  • Triple 2.4GHz Antennas



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